Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simply Saturday


Here is a brand new Meme from blogland. Jen at My Life: A Happy Wife and Mom set this one up...
each week, I will feature a few questions that are directed at cutting down on
the craziness of life, and returning to the simple things.

Here are this Saturday's questions:
So what things do you do as a family to make a weekend more enjoyable? Hubby and I don't have a day off in the week together. So on the weekends while he is at work and I am off, I make sure the house is clean and comforting for him to come home to. It is much more peaceful then, and Mama doesn't feel like she should be cleaning all day when he is home. I don't feel "bound" to the house, and I am up for anything hubby wants to do. Good example: He came home from work last night and wanted to go to Pittsburgh for dinner (a hr long drive for us). I was all for it. My work was done, and I was ready to play.
Do you get up early and go or do you sleep in? My Jessica is my alarm clock. I'm up when she is, or I'll have a mess when I come downstairs.

Leave one tip you have to make family time more enjoyable. To follow my answers here... Flylady that house. 1. When company decide to visit (usually the weekend), your not running around and stressing to clean. 2. With a clean home comes the feeling of freedom, your not "bound" to it. 3. It is so relaxing to come home to a clean house after a long day of play.
Thanks Jen, this is a great meme.


  1. I love to have the house clean when my husband comes home too. It is a nice feeling.

  2. My husband works on Saturday, until 2:00 p.m. It works best when I have done what I need to do and am ready to go somewhere, should he decide he wants to.

  3. Aww San, thanks for playing! These are some really awesome tips!!