Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old and Interesting

My best friend Jen tagged me so here we go…………

Seven Odd And Interesting Facts About Me
1. I have been pregnant and/or breatfeeding for the last 4 yrs.
2. I love chicken gizzards.
3. I hate cell phones, but I have to carry one at all times for work.
4. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is my favorite movie. I watch it all year round.
5. I am a reality tv show junkie.
6. I have never died my hair. Natural blonde here.
7. I didn't go to a NKOTB concert until I was in my 30s.

If you want to amke up a list, drop me a comment. I would love to see it.


  1. Old and interesting? It's odd and interesting! LOLOLOL!

    I still can't believe you saw NKOTB!!!

  2. Well... what can I say?!?! I'm old and odd, lol.

    Tech. I'll see them MARCH

  3. I just got done posting mine and LOVED seeing yours!

  4. I saw NKOTB when I was in high 3 times. Oh I was in love with them.
    Haven't even heard their new stuff yet. sad huh?
    Thanks for the follow on my blog, I am now following yours. We live in only one state away. It is neat to meet people that are in the same part of the many of my blogging friends are from Florida or far west.
    I enjoyed reading your list...a great first post for me to learn more about you.