Monday, March 30, 2009

How are you doing it? Thanks for asking :)

Michele was kind to visit today and being a new friend, wanted to know how I have been tossing these pounds. (I use the word "toss" because I'm not losing the weight. I don't want to find it ever again. Instead, I am tossing it away, tossing it off my body and picking up a new mantle to cover myself with. A mantle of good health.)

I'm tossing this weight with a lot of prayer Michele. I finally realized I can't be this "giant" on my own, so like David, I put my whole trust in the Lord.

I am using tools that God gave me. First is that I won a 3 mo. membership to WW online. When I finally stop trying in my own power and turned to Him, he opened this door for me. I have con't to use WW online with hubby's, and I journal everything I put in my mouth.

Second is I started using the feet he gave me. I got off my tushy and started moving. The key is that I didn't stop. The flesh is weak. This was and is a huge battle for me. But I didn't and don't stop.

Third, God blessed me with a good support group which includes my hubby, family, best friend and of course you gals, my blogland friends. When I want to stop, you all don't let me, lol.

Fourth, I use the Word. It is the sword in my battle. Every Tuesday I weigh in and do a little devotional for myself and hopefully to encourage others. I post a weekly scripture and I weld that "sword" against the "giant" for the whole week.

This week's scripture was: When you bow down before the Lord and admit you dependence on him, he will lift you up and give you honor. James 4:10

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