Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simple Saturday- Birthdays

Jen's meme today is birthdays:

Do you have your party at home or somewhere else? We have it at our home. Luckily we have a great backyard for entertaining. The furniture is set up on the deck for the adults, and the toys are in the yard (which is fenced) for the kiddos. Our deck is also on the ground so there are no steps to worry about anyone getting hurt... unfortunately with my family there is always one who finds a way, but the guests are safe, lol.
My kitchen window is also facing the patio, so I am spoiled in that I don't have to go out the sliding glass door to take stuff outside. I just pass to through the window. It is especially nice during the clean up.
Is it just family, or do you invite other children? With the kiddos being so young, it's just family and family friends with kiddo that come. Usually around 25 people. Makes for a nice size party. I have a couple of years before I have to worry about the school friends. And I will NEVER EVER EVER have a party at Chucky Cheese. That was pure torture a couple of weeks ago, lol.
Do you cook everything or have something made somewhere else? We make most things, except for the birthday cake. I like special cakes so I order them. The kiddos all had their one year picture on rice paper, on the cake their first birthday. It was a big hit.
Do you give the birthday child's present at the party or on their actual birthday? We always got our presents at the party so I naturally did that with the kiddos. I did get cupcakes for the kiddos on their actual birthdays. It is our smash cake tryout, lol.


  1. We are similiar in our party styles. But we no longer give them gifts...the party is their gift. They get so many other gifts, they don't really miss ours. :)

  2. As I told you earlier, I so hear you on the Chucky Cheese. You do such a wonderful job at your house with the bbq, and then the fire pit, that I always love being at your house!!

    Thanks for playing!