Saturday, March 14, 2009

Simply Saturday

Simply Saturday- Sick Days

1. Do you take the day off, if you can, to care for sick kiddos?
~Either I do or hubby does. Our back up plan is my mom but that is our last resort.

2. Do you make them a comfy spot on the sofa?
~They get to watch TV on Mommy and Daddy's bed all snuggled up with Mommy or Daddy.

3. Do you let them do things you normally wouldn't do on a weekday?
~No. But they haven't got the concept of trying to fake it yet :)

4. What kind of comfort things do you do?
~Cuddling, TV, movies, lots of drinks, they get to pick out dinner.

5. Do you end up disinfecting each and every surface they might have come contact with?
~Alas, this mama is lax in this area. I usually am the tissue/ wet wipe meaning thanks to Daddy but I don't disinfect all their things.


  1. Thanks for playing! We do have a lot in common when it comes to our parenting styles!

  2. That was cute. I am totally spraying everything down with Lysol. Such a germaphobic. ugh.