Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly Goodness

Seems like Friday is going to be my fun meme day... well I can't give up my "Not Me Mondays" those are too much fun too. But I found this great one from Golden Goodness... this blog gets the thumbs up:)

My weekly dose of Goodness!!


1. Do you prefer to write with pen or pencil? I like a pen that flows nicely and doesn't run out.

2. What was off limits to you growing up that you do all the time now? SLEEPING IN!!!!! I was never allowed growing up :( LOL

3. What is the age difference between you and your spouse? 2 1/2 yrs difference

4. Did you hurt yourself in anyway this week? YES!!! I burned my pointer finger from steam when I was taking the foil of the lasagna. It hust SOOOOO bad :(

5. Do you like wallpaper enough to hang it in your home? As a matter of fact, I'm in the process of redoing the bathroom. I'm taking off the old paper, and I have a really nice plaid instead.

6. What do you need to do that you've been putting off? Weeding the front garden and pond. It's still too cold for me :)

7. What did you do this week that you wish you hadn't? Burn my finger. Did I mention how much it hurt?

8. Did anything keep you up late this week? This week it seems like I can't get my exercise in during the day. I just finished 10pm tonight.

This was fun :)


  1. I like that meme...sorry about your finger...those do hurt bad and for a long time. Feel better.

  2. Sorry about your finger. I burned myself a couple of weeks ago. It hurts! I do this meme too... it can be fun!