Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nail

Laurie Glass

Who am I?

With no special purpose,

traveling upward,

unsure of my destination.

Where am I?

Steep hill appears.

Jeers permeate the air,

abominable stench pervades eerie summit.

Who is that woman?

Why is she so burdened, forlorn?

Who is the One,

beaten, bruised,

bearing a cross,

gasping for breathe,

being mocked, ridiculed,

with thorn-filled crown,

bloodshot eyes exuding compassion,

scarcely able to endure?

What’s happening?

I’m moving toward an open hand!

Strike! Strike! Strike!

Pierce faultless flesh,

crimson spurts forth,

covers me,

drips to the ground -

red pool of redemption.

Who am I?

One who attaches

innocence to a cross,

holds merciful Savior in place

as He fulfills prophesies foretold,

provides pardon for sinful human race.

Who am I?

Scar provider

of blessed Son,

resurrected Prince of Peace,

who resides in celestial paradise

and sits at His Father’s right hand

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  1. Sandy!! You are too sweet...thanks for your comment on my post today!!

    And i hope you and your family have a great easter too!! can't wait to hear about your traditions!! growing up we still the easter basket thing, but before we could go find them mom would always read the easter story to us!