Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend recap

Stopping by for a hello. This weekend has been super busy, and I feel out of the loop with my blogland friends. I have a couple minutes so I want to say hi... HI!!!! lol

Quick recap: With family, we took the kiddos to see the Easter Bunny and some holiday shopping. They are very excited. They are learning how the Easter bunny brings them a gift to show the love of Jesus. They also are learning how God made all the bunnies, eggs, flowers, etc. And how Jesus lives in us and loves us. They are very smart. Jess picked out a egg coloring kit that has crosses, bible, lilies, etc. because we have to have "Jesus eggs".

With church: We had play practice with two full dress rehearsals, and Sunday night was our first performance. A couple of glitches but the audience had no clue. It was very powerful.

Our play is "The Passion Play". It is John telling the story of Jesus. We even have live animals, and the camel coming down the church aisle is always a big hit. This is a full production and a wonderful way to minister and celebrate the season. Next weekend is 4 performances so you probably won't hear much from me.

Good news for me is I'm getting my exercise in. I am literally running from one side of the church to another (think very big church). I could never had done this
20 lbs ago let alone 65 lbs. I can't wait for weigh in!

PS: My Sunday Blessing: The Passion... I am so blessed to be a part of a great group of people. The cast is wonderful. And even though I'm bushed already, I am have so much fun. I am blessed to be able to minister in this form. I pray many people will come to know how much Jesus loves them.


  1. Sounds like full, but wonderful weekend! Way to go with the weight loss! I'm working on my weight as well.... I have a long way to go... But I beelieve I can!!!

  2. Way to go. I remember how big your church is(hoping I can get there when we come out in May.) That is quite the workout!