Monday, May 25, 2009

My updated life, lol.

Weather gets warm, the day get shorter, lol, AKA, so much to do and no time to do it in. I'm feeling out of the blogland loop but know I am praying for you my friends.

On the family end... We survived Easter, Mother's Day, my Jessica's first year of Rainbows, Family Pictures at the park, garage sale and my Sam's second birthday party, along with everything else in between. Here are a couple of pictures...

On the church end... I feel a little lost. With three little ones, I have no time for ministry. I am teaching the 2-3 yr olds two Sunday's a month. I did decide to go down to one Sunday and even then I am feeling stretched (this is not my forte but there is a need). We still are a part of our bible study group in fact I'm hosting this thursday. But I still feel lost without a "calling" so to speak, kwim?

On the weight tossing end... I've taken a break from counting points and such. I am having a lot of leg pain so exercise is pretty much out right now. I have tossed 5 lbs these past 2 weeks. I went from 250 to 245 lb! My lowest EVER!!!!! It is also my halfway point.

God has been so good. Everytime I feel like giving up and tossing in the towel.. you know that "I'm happy where I am" mentality or "When I was 320, I would have given my right hand to be 250..."; God brings someone into my life that says I'm an inspiration to them. This is happening mostly at work and church lately. So I get up by my boot straps and start walking again.

I'm not counting this weekend though, I've probably gained 5 lbs alone if not more but the birthday cake was sooooo good, lol. Here's to another good start tomorrow and weigh in on Friday (my new day, I needed a change, lol)


  1. You all were very busy. That is awesome that you survived and that you have tossed 5 more lbs. Yea! You go girl! How exciting.

  2. So awesome on the loss. Congrats!

    And your ministry right now is your family. One of the most important callings EVER. Teaching Sunday School may be possible in a different season of life. :-)

    Path to Health

  3. Whew, the life of a busy Mom! Sometimes just reading the blogs of Mom's of little ones it wears me out :o)

    You have a great attitude toward this weight loss thingy. Keep it up. You're doing great!

  4. 245!!! Yay! I'm right behind you. You inspire me.

  5. WooHoo Amy!!!!!! Keep up the great work on tossing those pounds.

  6. And your ministry right now is your family. One of the most important callings EVER.

    Amen to that! You are an amazing woman, and don't you ever forget it!