Saturday, May 2, 2009

Your gonna miss this...moment!

Busy, busy, busy. The weather gets nice and time flies by. So I got to thinking about how fast this year is going by. I look at the kiddos and a part of me says, "STOP! I just need a minute to enjoy you guys before you get any bigger!" The other part of me, says "What is on the agenda next?" Blogland friend Mimi (He& ME+3) does Pam's meme called "Your gonna miss this".
So what am I gonna miss? Let's start at the beginning...

Holding my babies for the first time in my arms, the wonderment of their birth.
The first birthdays, smash cakes, icing in the ears and nose and ... DIAPER!!! How in the world did he do that?!?! LOL
The themed birthday parties. You know... Elmo, Disney Princess, Sponge Bob. Before you know it, all they'll want is some mula and a car!


  1. Welcome!! So glad you decided to join us!!! you are so right on all these moments!! (even the mula & car part!!!) be blessed!!

  2. fun post!! can't wait to experiece those things!! :)

    ps your kiddos are too cute!! :)

  3. I miss those sweet baby moments too...since my youngest is now gonna be 4 this month. We are still in the fun birthday stage, and I dont' ever want that phase to end....but they will and I will miss them too. :) Isn't this meme fun?

  4. awww, I goes so fast! Stopping by from Pam's! I love when the kids pick what theme their birthday will be every will be missed when they just ask for the money...and run! ha ha! Such a great moment!

  5. I remind myself all the time to slow down and realize whats really important... my family and spending time with them making memories. Its so true before you know it they will be grown and living their own lives... and I'M GOING TO MISS THIS!

  6. Hi there!
    I was just doing some blog hopping and saw your blog. What a beautiful place you have here!!
    And congrats on the weight loss!! How awesome!!
    Hope to be back by to visit again soon.