Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Loving the birthdays!

Feeling the love from my blogland buddies. You all do a heart good :)

Another crazy week... Jessica turned 4, and we had a Disney Princess party. She had a blast. I love having birhtday parties for the kiddos.

Before you know it, they just want money and keys to the car to go to the mall, lol.

My recent facebook post: "Home from Chuck E Cheese B-day Party. This was a fun one, night and day from going to a B-day on a weekend (hint, hint)."

Mamas stay AWAY from birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese (pizza/game place)during the weekends!!!! LOL.

Hope you have a blessed week and know you are all in my prayers!!!


  1. I am new to the weight loss challenge and I am impressed by your photos! Keep it up! God bless!