Thursday, September 17, 2009

BL-wk 1

I have to say I cried more this season than any other, and it was only the first wk!!!! These stories are heartbreaking. I am so blessed and motivated. For me, this is the first season where I am not bigger than the biggest woman (not including Shay who is over 400lbs. I am a little put off of Jillian and Bob though. Talk about potty mouths! I couldn't follow the conversations because of all the bleeps.

As far as who got voted off, I think they made a good choice after I thought about it.(black team student, sry, I don't know all the names yet) At first I was like, "no way, she worked her butt off". But I think she will do great on her own. She has something to prove now being voted off first. I hope she gets a chance to come back on her own.

Can't wait until next Tuesday!

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  1. I JUST finished this episode like an hour ago. I think her name was Alexandra. I am curious to see what happens with the one in the hospital.