Thursday, October 10, 2013

ABC's of Me

 "the ABC's of Me"

Age: 38

Bed size: Queen

Chore you hate: Laundry

Dogs or Cats: Cats, we have one Zoe

Essential start your day item: Go to the bathroom, lol

Favorite color: It changes, right now it's purple

Gold or silver: Gold

Height: 5' 4”

Instruments you've played: none, singer not a player

Job Title: Wife, Mommy, and Occupational Therapy Asst.

Kids: 3 Blessings

Loud or Quiet: Loud, I came from a loud family, I have a loud family, and even when they're sleeping, I have to have background news

Mom's name: Helen

Nicknames: Lanie ( my husband) everyone else calls me Sandy instead of Sandra

Overnight hospital stay: Pregnancies

Pet peeve: anyone putting something cold on my back or down my shirt... I HATE that!!!

Quote from a movie: Its not the moon, its a space station!!!

Right or Left handed: Right handed.

Siblings: Brother-Don, Sister- Cyndi

Time you wake up: Emmy likes to get me up around 5:30 but I usually get up around 7

Underwear: Lane Bryant, little TMI here people!!!!

Vegetable you don't like: Lima Beans. YUCK!

Ways you run late: The kiddos, it's a fight to get shoes and coats on

X- rays you've had: Back

Yummy food you make: hmmmm, I make a pretty darn good pumpkin roll

Zoo favorite: Elephants!!!

Now its your turn, tell me a little about your self!  Leave your link if you play along!!!


  1. Thanks for doing is fun. Lots of us sleep in queen size beds I see. I wish we had a king, it won't fit in our tiny bedroom. LOL
    I love anything pumpkin, so that pumpkin roll sounds great.

  2. cute answers. I may borrow this to do on a day when I have no clue what to blog!