Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The ScrapBook Blessings Club

Here was my first letter to the club members. I really can see how God is moving with this...

Well gals, next Tuesday is our first meeting. I am very excited and blessed by such an outpouring of support from all of you. I know we will be a great blessing to each other too!

The ScrapBook Blessings Club
Time: 6-9pm
Place: Omni Manor

Directions: (from Youngstown) I-680 N.
Take the MERIDIAN RD exit- EXIT 2.
Take the MERIDIAN RD SOUTH ramp.
Merge onto N MERIDIAN RD.
Turn into first driveway on RIGHT.
We are in the Assisted Living Facility's Portland Room. One of the ladies will be door greeter and assist you inside, each meeting.

RSVP: by facebook, (email and phone number inserted)
I would like to get a head count for our first meeting and know who I need to watch out for to make sure they don't get lost, lol.

WHAT TO BRING: $5.00 dues plus
For our die-hard scrappers, bring books, bags, totes, suitcases, shoe boxes and what ever else you keep all your materials in and just so you know I will be very envious of anyone who has their bag on wheels....I'm talking about you Michelle, lol!!!!

For our scrapbookin' newbies: some suggestions
1) Yourself...just kiddin' ;)
* PICTURES!!! The most important item, lol.
* scissors
* glue stick
* assorted papers (12x12 is the most common)
* stickers and embellishments ( you can get a scrappers pack which has materials in it to make a couple of layouts)

But don't worry if you forget something or run out, there will be a "share table". What is mine is yours :) It will be stocked with various materials and such!

Please feel free to give me a call anytime! And don't forget friends/family are welcomed but no kiddos!!! This is just for ladies interested in 3 things...
1) Scrap booking
2) A fun ladies night out
3) Fellowship with others
God gave me the name "The ScrapBook Blessing Club" when I was praying. First because basically that is what we are doing. We are scrap booking our blessings. People, places and things have blessed us and makes us happy. They are memory blessings. The second reason is that I want us in this club to bless others esp in our community.

I thought once a month was very doable for us mommies. Sometimes we just have to have me time, kwim? I know for myself, I probably wouldn't be able to get away more than once.

I decided on $5.oo for a couple of reasons.
1 this isn't to make an income by any means
2 this is a reasonable sum for the number of ladies we have
3 half of this money will be collected and the ladies will decide where to donate it ie: Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, church mission project, etc
4 the other half of the dues goes towards refreshments and supplies.

I hope this helps with anyone wanting to start a crop. Any other ideas will be appreciated :)
Blessing to you all,