Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Success!

I cheated a little, maw-ha-ha!!!
My phone rang 1:30 am, it's was my brother and he was at Walmart with a couple of friends. They decided to stay up, and our 24 hr store was letting people fill their buggies with all the good deals and wait to check out at 5 am. I gave him my whole list over the phone, and he was my personal shopper! I got everything without standing in the cold or long lines!!!

Chris was going to go to Target at 3am but since my brother called, he figured he would just get up and go. He got there at 2:45am and the line was already 50 people deep. His co-workers were all laughing at him as they came in (of course, he was standing by the employee door). He had his "trail"all mapped out! He was happy too because everyone he was standing around was able to get what they wanted. He was telling them where everything was located in the store.

Chris and I did great! He went to Target at 2am. He was able to get one of the 26, 32 inch TVs along with my new camera and a dirt devil. We lucked out, because, with his discount, the tv was $220, camera $78, dirt devil was free!!!! ...Almost forgot, he got a Zuze Zue pet (sp?) Impulse buy, but it is so cute now he has to get two more before Christmas!

I headed to Michael's and bought the Sizzix embossing machine, scrapbook storage, embossing folders and ribbons. With my coupons, it was like buying the machine and getting everything else including tax for free!!!

Later, My brother and I went to Walmart together, and I was able to get jammies and track suits for $3!!!

Overall, a very successful shopping day and we were UNDER budget!!!! Looking forward to next year!