Sunday, November 1, 2009

What should I do with my scrap booking

For those who don't know me very well, I'm a huge scrap book junkie. I love to make scrap books, big ones, small one, one page, 20 pages, makes no difference to me. I started my first scrap book when I grauated college. It was of the first cruise I was on. Since then I have made 19 scrap books, I'm working on #20 now.

Now I'm adding cards, gift projects, and home decor to my list. I got my Cricut 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. It has opened up a whole "new to me" world out there in blogland. I have found so many new sites, project ideas, give- a-ways, ideas, etc.

God has blessed me with a little piece of creativity, and I want to be able to bless others. I started in Sept "The ScrapBook Blessings Club!!!" I want to start on online version too, thinking big here, lol.

This is the one the Lord gave me this name for the crop and it fits perfectly.

1) What are we scrapbooking? Our loved ones, special moments, all of which are wonderful blessings.
2) How can scrapbooking be a blessing? We are going to be giving to others and ministry as we do something we enjoy.

The best of both! This has been a great success and I can see the Lord's hand in it.

Now I have the (drum roll please) CRICUT!!! This tool is awesome!! Scrapbooking to a new level. I can't wait to take it to the next crop for all the ladies to use!

Anywho, I want to start posting some of my "crafts" to share and inspire. My mission this holiday season is "gifts ala Cricut". Beside, I want hubby to see we got our moneys worth ;)

Next question, do I start a who new blog???? Things to make you go hmm. Will I be able to keep up with another or should I just keep everything here? What do you think?


  1. Okay, I figured out how to set up two blogs. Oiy- what am I getting myself into. I tried to call customer support aka BFF Jen but her phone was busy. But I managed to get it. So please stop by and show some support!

  2. I have the cricut and I love it too. It is great for school projects too.

  3. Why not have a couple of special days of the week when you do a scrapbooking post on this blog.

    I like the idea. Can't wait until I get my cricut.
    Mama Bear