Saturday, January 2, 2010

Digging my way out...slowly...

First off... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I pray that 2010 brings many blessings to everyone of you and your families. May God hold you close, keeping your families safe, healthy and joyful!

This is the year I was secretly dreading. My oldest will be starting kindergarten. I can't believe these last five years have just flown by. Oh well, before you know it, I'll be planning her graduation party, lol!

Back to digging myself out... I now have organized chaos here. Toys, clothes and all the other present are put away. Christmas trees and decorations are still out, but we are having guests tomorrow for a mini post-Christmas party. MY goal will be to de-Christmasfy the house this upcoming week. But around here, my well laid plans tend to go awry. I will promise you that it will be done before next Christmas, lol!


  1. Happy New Year to you. Enjoy your time "De-Christmasfying" your home. I need to get to that soon myself, although I love having the twinkly lights around so I think I'll delay just a little longer.

  2. Happy New Year to your family too and good luck putting all the Christmas stuff away.

  3. (((Thelema))) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you were blessed! ...Oh and MY WILL IS to be a Christ follower aka Christian, and I can promise you, I am alive and kicking today aka not dead!

    Putting away some decorations today but I'm thinking, I like the lights on the fireplace. Those might stay. Happy New Year girls!