Friday, January 22, 2010

Moments of pure dispair

Did you ever have a moment where you just wanted to die?!?! You say, "Lord, just take me now!!!" I had one of those moments this afternoon. I put the kiddos to down for a nap and when Chris came home, I went to check on them. Our 4 yr old was gone!

At first, I was calm figuring she was in the bathroom. Nope... not there. Our Sam's room...again, no. So now we are yelling for her...5 min later the house is torn apart, every closet empty, table turned over...nothing. She was no where to be found.

Now, the other two are up and crying, Chris is screaming, I'm reaching for the phone to call 911, praying frantically.

Finally, music to my ears! Chris yells, "I FOUND HER!!!" I about fainted. I flew up the stairs to our room and grabbed her up. He found her in the back corner under our bed and curled up in a ball, sound asleep.

I have never been so hysterical in my life! All I could think about was those precious babies where someone comes into the home and takes them while they're sleeping. I swear I aged 20 years in 15 mins.

When all is calm, my wonderful hubby looks over to me and says laughingly (him, not me), " and this was on your watch." Now comes the moments where I want to kill HIM, lol!


  1. Now if you lived out here, I could help you keep an eye on them! Your hubby is too much, but you always knew that ;). Glad everything is okay and everyone is accounted for! Love ya!

  2. Reminds me of a story that happened to me over forty years ago. I was a kid and my little sister was about two years old. Same thing, we couldn't find her. We all started to panic. Eventually she was found. She had fallen asleep in a little crevice between the wall and my parents bed. Scary stuff.

    Glad everyone is okay over there.

  3. I've been there and done that!
    I'm happy all is well.
    Mama Bear