Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Everyone loves Chocolate (***enabler alert)

I remember making easter chocolates as a family when I was a little girl.  This year, I decided I was going to make some with my little girl.  I forgot how easy and hard at the same time it is making these.  Or maybe that is beacuse it was my parents doing all the standing at the electric skillet, lol!

Here is what you need:   electric skillet, 4 coffee mugs, spoons, water, melting chocolate wafers, candy molds, and all the other goodies (like fruit, peanuts, raisins,  rice crispies, etc.) that you like in your chocolate.
I got my chocolate (dark and milk) at the local candy/cake shop. I think the craft/discount store's chocolate has too much of a waxy taste.  At the cake shop, I was also able to get the rest of my stuff. (pictured below)
STEP 1: Fill electric skillet with 2 inches of water and 4 coffee mugs. 
STEP 2:  Turn skillet on high to heat the water and cups, and add the chocolate wafers (1/2 c at a time).
STEP 3:  Stir chocolate until melted and spoon into candy molds.  Shake mold gently to smooth out chocolate. 
STEP 4: Place candy mold into freezer for 8-10 min.
STEP 5: Take out of freezer and "pop" candy out of mold onto wax paper.
If you want to use peanuts, raisins and such, get the small candy cup mold and fill with sm. cup wrappers. 
 Add all your goodies to the cups along with the chocolate.  For the pretzel rods and fruit, all you have to do is dip into or drizzle the chocolate on them.  Below, my lovely little assistant is helping Mama make the chocolate covered strawberries.
For Easter, my sister's MIL had us for dinner becasue we all were in our Church's Passion Play.  She relieved a lot of stress by hosting dinner for us.  I wanted to bring a hostess gift also to say thanks.
This was so easy to make.   I'll give the instructions in the next post.

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  1. LOL... like this warning: "Enabler Alert!"

    Chocolate dipped strawberries are my husband's absolute favorite.