Saturday, April 24, 2010

Memorial Day Challenge

Exciting Mommy news for me from yesterday, my 2 yr old managed to stay dry all day, including a mini road trip.  Bummer news, I found a hair in my dinner.  Talk about being on a diet, lol. At least dinner was free.

In another news, I'm getting back to a healthy me.  I managed to gain back my weight. I had an injury, stopped excersing and gained weight, got depressed, started eating more, gained more weight, got depressed, quit WW online that I was doing, gained my 70 lbs back.

Now it is back to square one. Two things that keep me going...1- my family esp husband's support. 2- I did it once, learned how my body loses the weight and know I can do it again.Where I messed up it not learning to maintain my weight loss even with injury and decrease activity.  Wish me luck!

I know from the past that I do better when I set goals so I'm going to do a Memorial Day Challenge for myself. If you want to join along:

1. Copy and paste the following weeks
2. Pick your weigh in day and adjust your dates
3. Grap the button and post on your blog
4. Leave a comment so I can come by and we can support each other!

Weigh In Day: Saturday
Starting Weight: 320

Challenge Goal: 16lbs (and to exercise a min. of 3x/week ***.)
Week 1: April 10- 320 ****

Week 2: April 17- 318 *****

Week 3: April 24- 316 ***

Week 4: May 1

Week 5: May 8

Week 6: May 15

Week 7: May 22

Week 8: May 29

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a plan!
    I'll aim for 6 pounds and 3x a week walking. If I do more, that will be great, too.
    Mama Bear