Thursday, May 13, 2010


Jen at Pieces of Me is celebrating 250,000 hits. Can we say WOW? WTG, Jen!!!  To celebrate, Jen is offering some awesome blog candy!!!  Now, I know we have some crafty mamas out there, so hop over to Jen and check out her blog.  Maybe we can get her to 500k, lol!!!

She split her "candy" into 5 give-a-ways.  All you have to do is play her five mini photo challenges!.

1-Take A Picture of Something Pink (in your house or work area)
Here is a picture of my little girls play table and chairs.

2- Take A Picture of Round (in your house or work area)

Here is a picture that I "inherited: from my mom when we bought the house and since I never do laundry (now, don't hate me ladies, lol) I forget it's there.

3- Take A Picture of Something You Ate Today (in your house or work area)

Sad to say but fast food was dinner today.  Hubby had to go to his son's B-ball game tonight.  Don't worry though, I had Arby's junior (plain), one potato cake and a diet pepsi... 9 pts :)

4- Take A Picture of A Plant (in your house or work area)

It is a known fact in my family that my thumb is black as coal, lol.  But I actually have two little plants from my kiddos for Mom's Day!!!  It is almost a week and so far they're still in the race!
5- Take A Picture of Your Youngest Child's Dirty Socks (if you don't have kids, take a pic of someone's kid or your own dirty socks - please do NOT go out of your way to make them dirty, we want natural dirty socks photos!!)

This is easy for my house.  With three toddlers, there are ALWAYS dirty socks laying around.  So after I read this challenge, I went straight to the laundry basket and sure enough there are Emmy's dirty socks, lol.

That was fun.  I love different challenges like these ones. 
You will have 1 Day To Complete This Task - Task Ends @ 12 Noon tomorrow 5/14 Hawaii Time.
So join in the fun!!! @ Pieces of Me

(let me know if you do, I would love to see your pictures!!!)

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