Friday, August 27, 2010

One Step closer to WLS!

Well here's the short version...

Endoscope/ gallbladder ultrasound next wed at 11am (please, please pray that my gall bladder is okay and will not have to be removed!!!!!!!! please, please, please)

Pap on the 13th

Group mtg with hubby on the 21st

Need to lose 15 lb pre-op, low fat diet to shrink liver before surgery. thebackfence/weighin.

Surgery times are being scheduled out end of Sept/ beginning of Oct by the doctor.

 Here is the MAJOR part!!! I need you to pray!!!  My insurance is not approving sleeves at this time due to some paperwork not filed correctly by the hospital on a previous patient. So it has been 2-3 wks and the doctor is on hold with this type of surgery, until the hospital fixes their paperwork. No clue when this can be. It could be Monday or 3 months from now?!?!?!

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