Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Worship and Praise!

"My brokenness helped me to see that it is Grace I'm standing on." Natalie Grant

Last week, I shared my God song with you. The song that ministers to me through out the week. This week, I thought I would share my "anthem" so to speak. This is the song that reminds me... no matter what trials and tribulations that come my way, I will not be moved. I will stumble, I will fall, I will face heartaches, I will feel alone, I will feel confused, I will feel helpless.... BUT I WILL NOT BE MOVED!

Nothing, no one is going to take the Blessed Hope that I have in Jesus. My faith will not be shaken even though, at times, it seems as my life has been. I know I will not understand everything, but I understand He died for me, and my place is eternity with him. Nothing on this green Earth is going to change my mind and believe me, it has tried!

What is your anthem song?

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