Friday, September 17, 2010

50 Questions

My BFF, Jen posted this at Thoughts of a Working Mom, so I had to do it! Feel free to C & P, and fill out your own. Leave me a comment, and I’ll come visit! 

1. Where were you three hours ago? Scrapbooking

2. Who are you in love with? My husband

3. Have you ever eaten a crayon? Maybe when I was two

4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? yes, Emmy's balloon

5. When was the last time you went to the mall? July 28th, Jessica's friend's bd party at build a bear

6. Are you wearing socks right now? Yes

7. Do you have a car worth over $2000? Yes

8. When was the last time you drove out of town? Saturday. When we went to Pittsburgh to see Spirit of America at the new Consol Center... LETS GO PENS

9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days? No, I thin it was 5 months ago

10. Are you hot? No I'm feeling pretty comfortable right now  (but hubby thinks I'm hot, lol)

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?big big glass of.... ice water!

12. What are you wearing right now? top, capris, socks, undies, bra, lol.

13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? Your supposed to wash your car????

14. Last food you ate? turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato salad... 150 cal, 3.5 fat, 1 carb... yes, I'm a diet

15. Where were you last week at this time? right here at the computer

16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? No

17. When was the last time you ran? 2 yrs ago :(

18. What was the last sporting event you watched?Monday night football

19. Your favorite animal? elephants/ giraffes

20. Your dream vacation? Sandals in Jamaica for a first honeymoon/ Hawii

21. Last person’s house you were in? My mom's

22. Worst injury you ever had? sciatic nerve pain r leg

23. Have you been in love? Yes and still am.

24. Do you miss anyone right now? my bff, Jen

25. Last play you saw?YSU- Horton hears a Who (cousin was in it)

26. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex? None, I am happily and forever married, my hubby... my big ol boobs, lol.  I know TMI!

27. What are your plans for tonight? scrapbooking

28. Who is the last person to send you a Facebook message or comment? Jen, told me to check my yahoo email.... an email to get an email, man I love this girl, lol!!!

29. Next trip you are going to take? None for quite a while :(

30. Ever go camping? Yes 2009, Can't wait to go again!!!

31. Were you an honor student in school?off and on

32. What do you want to know about the future? nothing

33. Are you wearing perfume or cologne? Yes, Mambo, every day, 2 sprays

34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor’s visit? went today, Gall Bladder is coming out in a week or two

35. Where is your best friend? In PA.

36. How is your best friend? She has her hands full!

37. Do you have a tan? No.

38. What are you listening to right now? What Would You Do on TV

39. Do you collect anything? Cricut cartridges???  lol

40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know? my grandma

41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over? 10+ years ago

42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw? Pop!!! Yes

43. What does your last text message say? don't text

44. Do you like hot sauce? no

45. Last time you took a shower? This morning

46. Do you need to do laundry? Always.but hubby does it

47. What is your heritage? Hungarian/ Irish

48. Are you someone’s best friend? Yes

49. Are you rich? Yes, but not financially

50. What were you doing at 12 AM last night? Sleeping

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