Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Trading My Sorrow for Joy

Wow, another praise and worship song for the week!!! But that is were my heart is. We have a thread on a VGS support board started by one of our sisters. She writes about the guilt that can flow through us when we make such a big decision in our lives as this surgery is. I took a lot of comfort in that post because I didn't feel alone. There are people feeling the same as me, and I don't have hide those fears. I can confess them and move on in the knowledge that God's grace, mercy and love, that are unending, never failing.

With the support I have there from fellow believers and a long hard talk from my family and BFF, Jen. I finally came to the place where I can share my new found joy and peace in this journey. Yesterdays post and song was all about letting go and releasing all my thoughts and fears to the Lord. Offing all of me to Him not just the parts that I think are pleasing to Him. I am not perfect aka Super Sandy and guess what... I'm okay with that. I'm not naive to think that all my problems will fade away, but I've come to understand that I don't have to fix everything by myself.

(the poster in this video are great!!!)

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