Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surviving Halloween

 Here are a couple of Halloween tips that help me alot, esp. when talking about the "C" word....CANDY!!!

  •  Wait til the last minute. Don’t be tempted by bags of Halloween candy sitting around the house. Instead, buy your candy on the 30th.
  •  Buy and give out candy that you don’t like. For me it would be anything with coconut like Almond Joy or Mounds bars, no temptation there.
  • Don’t shop for candy until after you eat.
  •  Give it all out! Leftovers are a big no-no!
  •  If you do have extra candy, get it out of the house on November 1st:
* Donate to a local charity or church
* Take it to work
* Give to your doorman if you live in an apartment
* Offer leftovers to friends or neighbors
* Can’t get rid of it? Dump it. Don’t feel guilty. You’ll feel worse on the scale after eating what’s left.

I love Joy Bauer (even though she is a size zero, she is just too cute and talks so I can understand).  I get her newsletter every wk and they are nice and short with great weight loss tips!

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