Monday, August 6, 2012

My secret, not so secret obsession...

Here it goes... I AM ADDICTED TO PINTEREST!!!  There I said it, I own up to it, lol!  I have even woken up in the middle of the night, turned on the computer and checked if there were any new pins?!?!?!  I have the Pinterest toolbar button so I can pin anything, have 27 boards and over 700 pins and I am not done!  Don't know what Pinterest is?!?!  Then you are missing out my friend.  It is a site that you can "pin" links to different "boards" but not only that, the best part is you can repin what other people find!!!!

My favorite is finding all these great ideas for the kiddos and parties.  I've done about a dozen or so of them already.  The other thing I like is finding all these great recipes online and I am able to pin them to my boards.  Very easy to find something quick and since I am a visual person, I love seeing how the food is intended to look (not how I really made it, lol)

Are you a Pinner? Let me know if you need and "invite".
Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest PinterestPinterest Pinterest PinterestPinterest Pinterest Pinterest

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