Tuesday, June 23, 2015

MFP Stamp Shop June Blog Hop

Welcome to the MFP Stamp Shop
June Blog Hop

Let's get started!!!!
This month's new Stamp Set Releases are:

Featured June 23
Paper Doll Chuck

Featured June 24
 Paper Doll Chuck Formal and Hunting

Featured June 25
 Background Diamonds and Flowers

Featured June 26
Pots and Vases 2

Please Hop along with us!! You have a chance to win one of these new stamp sets! Just comment on the following blogs ( don't forget this one ) each day for more chances to win! ( You do NOT need to comment on on all the blogs each day! The names are drawn randomly.) The winners will be announced on June 26, 2015 right here on the MFP Stamp Shop Blog. You can go back and comment if you missed a day. ( HINT: The more you comment the more chances you have to win. And comments on the MFP blog count twice. ) The deadline for commenting is Friday June 27, 2015 at 10:00 PM EST.

Today's stamp set is Paper Doll Chuck. He's joined the rest of the MFP StampShop paper doll gang. However, today is not my day and due to circumstances beyond my control, I have no home phone, cable or internet, and have no clue why. And have lost pictures for this hop. They were here now they are gone. I am really bumbed because I did a fun tutorial for the hop. I am still trying to upload my pictures but the little computer circle just keeps turning and then it goes to timed out. I am able to edit this post right now on my phone and will try again in the morning for the pictures. But the hop must go on...up next is Shirley. So long for now.


After 3 storm systems, 1 power outage and a call to the cable company,I have internet access again. The good news all my photos were saved in downloads and I didn't loose anything! So here is my project for the hop...

Easy Pencil Coloring for Paper Dolls

You need your stamp- Chuck, a larger glass block, a good ink that doesn't smear with coloring and the secret tool...a mouse pad to stamp on!

The mouse pad will help you get a crisper imaged and define all the little details.

To color, I like to use Prismacolor Pencils, Gamsol (OMS) and paper stub.  I started out using Crayola pencils, baby oil and q-tip way back when I was interested in using pencils.

You want 3 colors, light, med and dark. My go to colors are Lite Peach, Peach And Burnt Umber.

Color with light peach first, you don't have to be neat.

Outline the whole image (all the lines) with the peach.

Using the Gamsol, blend the light peach and peach. Next outline all the places you think there would be a shadow with the burnt umber.

Blend the last color with the Gamsol, color in the hair (I just used Burst Umber again) and there you go... Chuck in his tidy whities!!!!

Hope you like this tutorial and sorry for the crazy delay.

Here's the Design Team
Enjoy the Hop. Come on back tomorrow for more creative fun!!

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  1. Sorry your PC is playing up.

  2. I didn't see your creation. Something wrong with your post?

    1. Blogger blanked out my pictures, theywere all white with a broken computer sign but I got them up now. Thanks

  3. I will be back to check out your card and tutorial. Looking forward to it, Hope everything works out for you in electronics land.

    1. Thank you, I was really excited to do a tutorial and then really bummed with all the problems.

  4. Don't you just hate it when that happens! Computers can be your friend, but they can also be the source of so much frustration. I hope you get things straightened out. I'll check back tomorrow to see if you've had any luck!

  5. Sandy, blogger must be having some hiccups; I keep getting that little twirly circle, too, so I found that if I use Google Chrome I can get my uploads completed. Looking forward to your creations.

    1. I am going to try Chrome, too many problems with Explorer. Thanks!

  6. Good job on coloring with color pencils.
    stamping sue

  7. thanks for the tutorial how you coloring him
    Stunning coloring Sandy
    I love this much

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. Chuck looks good. Hugz